Requested: Skinny Geek

Curvy, pale, cute-tastic
Long auburn hair
Geeky glasses
Likes a lot of sex, cuddling, attention
Reader of sci fi, fantasy
Watcher of sci fi, fantasy
Eclectic musical interests
Loves to sing, do karaoke
Shy in groups, not shy in private...
33 - looks 25.
No kids or past marriages
profile on OKCupid: SanguineAcedia

Skinny, or at least not chubby.
Male with all the requisite naughty bits
Monogamous-minded (yep, I tried the other way)**alternative: poly-minded with developed skills in fairness/sensitivity**
Likes regular sex
Older than 22
Younger than 35 (If older than 35, LOOKS younger than 25 could be OK)
Ability to visit West side of Madison (on bus line)

Reads sci fi, fantasy
Has a creative interest (painting, music)
Flexible sexuality/gender role
Low interest in sports
High interest in board games like Puerto Rico/Settlers of Catan

summer Sports

Hey! I just signed up to play softball with MSCR... And I was wonder if any of you guys are playing this summer?
Or playing anythign else I can join to keep my self amused and make more friends?!


(no subject)


So, I've got a friend (following this weird, "hey meet my friend" thing going on here); she's about to turn 30 on the 28, single, looking to mingle with intelligent guys who like film, literature and music more from the emotional/appreciative realm than the intellectualized/critical realm.

She's a bigger girl (unfortunately, previous poster, she is looking for an mature -her age or older- gentleman, after having a run of bad relationships with younger ones).

And, also, she's not looking for a quick lay and good day.

She'd rather a friend with possibilities.

Interested? Email me, or leave a comment.
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(no subject)

Speaking of chubby girls.

My best friend is single, he is 27. He is a student, previously was in the air force. He is about 6'2" 250, shaved head, brown eyes. He is a bigger guy but not fat. I think he is proportional and has a nice body. Anyways, he loves bigger girls, girls with some meat on their bones. I kind of get sick of hanging out with him ALL the time, lol. No wonder we are both single, people always think we are dating when we are together 24/7. When we go out drinking and hit on people they are always like, isn't your bf/gf going to be mad that you are talking to me. So yeah he needs a girl to hang out with and do stuff with. So if you are a bigger girl and looking for a sweet gentleman to hang out with, leave a message and I will give you a short interview before I pass you along, hehe.

Here Goes

Sorry this is probably lengthy.

First off, I'm fat. Fabulous and thick, to use one of the many chubby girl catch phrases. I'm confident, I don't sit home and eat twinkies all day. 25 and a full time student majoring in accounting. I am involved in several student organizations so between classes and meetings I am pretty busy. Work hard, play hard =) I'm very laid back and easy going. I enjoy sports and the outdoors. I love music, I go to concerts as much as possible. I also enjoy the theater and movies. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and make others laugh. I can be cynical and sarcastic but once you get to know me you'll understand it's just my personality.

I'm looking for someone who can be my friend first. I want someone who intelligent and can challenge me in many ways. I will admit that I am spoiled and always get my way. What I really want is a man strong enough mentally to tell me NO sometimes. What fun is it if I get my way ALL the time. I need someone strong who will grow with me and on me. I don't have a set type of guy I like, I think you need to get to know someone and figure out if you have a connection. Someone who can read all my rambling here and not be overwhelmed =) What do I like when it comes to looks? It varies greatly, I dig piercings and tattoos on guys, I also dig hockey players. I go to the extremes, I like cute redheads with freckles and I also like tan ethnic guys. It's all about the personality bringing the whole package together... So, if you think I seem interesting then get in touch with me and we can go from there =)

Also, I have pics.
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Beavis & Butthead

(no subject)

31 year old married male here lookin for a female to help with sexual frustration. Wife has lost all interest in sex and told me to find a "buddy". Any interested women please reply or contact via AIM. My addy is in my user info.
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(no subject)

So I see this community is pretty dead...any ideas on how to liven it up??

So, if you're sick of the bar scene, how do you all meet people to date? Especially if you're in your late 20's/early 30's and out of college?