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Singles in the Madison Area

Casual, committing, poly or any way you like it.

Madison Singles Network
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Madison Wisconsin is a bustling capital city with 200,000 citizens and a very large singles problem.

Be it 18 year olds, first coming to UW, looking for new friendships to 30 something professionals sick of the local bar scene, single's in Madison need as many venues as possible to meet, greet, chat and flirt.

Now, Livejournal is one of them.

Post ads, arrange meet-ups, find missed connections.


1. Do not post your phone number or address. Unless you want to get stalked.

2. Pictures of yourself are encouraged but not mandatory.

3. No slandering others; just cus they stood you up, or dumped you, does not mean you can attack them here.

4. All races, genders, bodytypes, lifestyles, etc, accepted-- if you are not attracted to the poster, keep your opinion to yourself. Feel free to state your specific tastes (gender, ethnic, etc) in your introductory posts.

5. Make intelligent choices. The community is not responsible for bad dates and crazy daters.

The Internets is Serious Business.

Your moderators are absolutcalm and jerasue.